And So I Started A Blog!

petite_words-Blog_petite_libraryThe face behind Petite Library, ME, I’ve started a blog!

Since the launch of Petite Library I’ve connected with so many wonderful bloggers online so I thought ‘Hey, let’s do that!’.

You are always welcome at Petite Library, home to little books for little people and other cool things, but I’d love you to come and say hello over at Petite Words. I’m going to talk about a lot of cool things, sometimes funny, maybe a bit serious and sometimes even, fingers crossed, a bit inspiring. Either way I hope to bring as much joy to my readers as possible!

Keep being great!

See you soon and warmest wishes always,

Charlotte, Petite Library & Petite Words

Petite_Library_You_are_lovelyYou probably already knew it but just in case you didn’t… You Are Lovely! And I’m so glad to receive your comments, love and feedback about Petite Library’s books, illustrations and life in general. So thank you, o so much!

I’m so excited for the new things yet to come and I hope you’ll be here again very soon to check out our new, super cool things, that I just know you’ll love!