AboutHello my name is Charlotte Rees, creator of Petite Library, very nice to meet you!

I started Petite Library because I love storytelling and I’m nuts about illustration, so I combined the two and fell in love!

I have travelled around the world meeting people from all different cultures and backgrounds; collecting ideas and sharing stories, all in aim of understanding what engages people most and what unites us.

I spent 2 years in Chongqing China, working as a curriculum developer and English teacher, rewriting Fairytales to be used as language learning tools.

Later I moved to Milan, Italy, with an espresso in hand and the best Gelato there is, it was the perfect setting for developing my Children’s Short Stories.

Now I am back in England, a land too lovely to part with, and Petite Library is flourishing with your love.

So, what’s new with Petite Library? Well, our illustrations are turning to print,  with special editions to share with you!  And our new children’s book, the most exciting yet, is soon to be launched, with big BIG surprises! Stay tuned…..

So, thank you for reading about us! You are so fabulous (: Enjoy, Read & Share for what is a story if it is not shared, what is an illustration if it is not seen!?

Warm Wishes Always,

Charlotte X


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