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Welcome to Petite Library Books!

Books are wonderful aren’t they; that’s why we’ve created something for every kind of child at every stage of development!

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Petite Library’s Short stories collection is aimed at children 4 years + who love reading stories. We all know books are a vital tool for children’s reading and writing development, so we’ve worked hard to create English stories that are enjoyable for reading  both along with parents and also great for reading alone.  Our short stories use simple language,  rhymes and repetition which are proven ways to engage effectively with young children.

Petite Library Phonics can be used as a resource for native English speakers but also as an ESL language tool for children acquiring a second language. Most parents and teachers understand that it is essential children need their own individual learning style for Phonics. Studying Phonics shouldn’t be dull and exhausting, it’s a chance for children to open their minds and try new sounds and make something new with those sounds and words… We believe this should be exciting and magical!

We regularly offer free samples of our Phonics resources,  to give you a taster of this educational tool.

Petite Library Activity books gives children a chance to engage further with what they’ve learnt and create something from the story they have just read. Colouring, activity sheets, children’s crafts, these are all great ways for parents and teachers to enhance the reading experience, and review what has been taught/ read.

Petite Library Baby has been created especially for toddlers and babies 1 year +. Petite Library understands how important it is to begin reading and sharing stories as early as possible, as much of the key foundations will be developed in the first 3 years of your child’s life. To start the story magic early we have created a very sweet simply written set of books, that use bright colours and key words to engage your babies and capture their imagination.

We know this is a key time for mums and dads to provide positive and engaging content for their babies, so we want to encourage as many parents as possible to share stories and read everyday to their little ones. We’ll be providing lots of helpful tips and baby reading/ story advice to help you enjoy your baby reading experience.




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  1. What a wonderful memory from the beach – it really does make me stop and think about the experiences I am giving my own children and how it might influence them. Both love books, my eldest is at an age now where he can read some books to his sister so that’s an added bonus! x

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