Why We Need Storytelling !

Stories_petiteTo most people the benefits of stories and reading are obvious; they can be a calming escape from reality, they can enrich the imagination and improve creative thinking, and they are one of the main nutrients that feeds our language learning.
And as if that wasn’t enough to make you stock up your library, here’s another sparkle, something special that stories and story telling provide…
Let’s take a look at my earliest memory, I was 2 years old, on a beach in Sennen, Lands End, sat there in my pushchair, watching my two older brothers. Their school was practising a masked dance about a folktale, for an up and coming festival. Their tribal masked faces and wonderful setting, with drum beats and chanting, the waves swooshing and sky hazily mixing together, it had imprinted such a wondrous memory upon my little head, I hope to never forget it. It wasn’t until I
grew up that I realised just how young I was at the time, I felt much more comprehensive than I’d imagined a 2 year old would be.

Obviously it wasn’t that moment alone that fuelled my creative fire which led to a life of writing and drawing, but these stories in life, these folktales, bedtime reads and book rich environments showed me the path, and set me on the right creative tracks.

More than this, the sparkle I promised earlier, stories opened my mind to the world and it’s wondrous people. And it’s this ‘open-mindedness’ that I believe is the key to a great childhood and wonderful upbringing.
Because the thing with stories is, each one talks a different talk and you learn one of the most valuable lessons in life: everyone, every kind of person, has troubles and triumphs just like you. So you grow up with a sense that your weakness are normal, and your strengths are stronger than you think. You are aware from a young age that you are unique and wondrous, that everyone is, so you learn to respect everyones differences, celebrate them even!
If children grow up in a world knowing these facts imagine how liberated they would feel and how determined they wold be, knowing that they had such value. And, when they did hit a low, they could and would bounce back, just like in the stories they’d read.

I know many people think fairy stories are hot air, babble bubble but every story has true origin, real roots, something real that inspires it.
Take my book Billy Bop Boo for example, a little boy alien, lonely, in search of a friend. I had the idea one night as I was sat on my balcony, looking up at the sky, wandering who was looking back at me. Was another little person, perhaps just like me looking up at Earth thinking the same, “Are we alone?”. Other worlds, life outside our little planet of green and blue. I didn’t know what I believed but I knew it was good to question. It IS good to open your mind, and of course your heart to other things, other truths, what may be. And for children that has never been more important. Stories are the key to opening our hearts and minds, the true teacher of empathy and that is why I love stories.

Billy Bop Boo Says “NO!” to bullying!

BillyBOPboo_CoverThis is Billy Bop Boo. He is from the planet Woo! Poor little Billy Bop Boo is searching for a little friend, can he find a playmate on planet Earth?

Petite Library’s new charity book is here! We give you a heart warming short story full of emotion and spirit, matched by vivid and soulful illustrations that make for a delightful picture book.
This book is also extra special as it was written for Kidscape Anti-Bullying Charity; a truly wonderful charity which helps to train and education people on the topic of childhood bullying.

We believe no child should ever feel alone; no matter your race, beliefs, interests or appearance we are all people, people to be loved. Everyone should have a special little friend and so I give you Billy Bop Boo. Download Billy Bop Boo from Amazon today! Happy reading lovely readers!


Look Who’s On His Way From Planet Woo!

Billy Bop Boo is on his way! Currently in his little spaceship, travelling all the way from Planet Woo to bring you his wonderful, super adorable story!

Billy_Bop_BooHis new little book ‘Billy Bop Boo’ is a beautiful story about the sweetest little alien you could imagine and his journey to find a new friend that he could treasure beyond all other measure.

This book was written to inspire and help children that may be struggling with their identity or feeling alone. You are not alone. No matter your race, beliefs, interests or looks, we are all people, people to be loved.

Everyone deserves a special friend, so I give you Billy Bop Boo.

Stay tuned for his arrival…. He is very close!

The Alphabet has arrived at Petite Library !

Alphabet-petite-libraryOur very own Alphabet is finally here! Our vibrant and super sweet letters are perfect for your little ones Alphabet learning! Have a sense of humour and enjoy your ABC’s.

Studying the alphabet should be a positive and enjoyable experience for your little ones; think of all those wonderful news shapes and sounds, how intriguing it all is.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new ABC Collection, have a peep at our new phonics videos for some great alphabet teaching ideas.

Let’s make learning the alphabet a wonderful thing !

Oscar Rabbit Says Happy Easter Bunnies!


A very HAPPY EASTER to you all and a big big thank you to everyone who has downloaded and donated money to The Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust. Oscar Rabbit has been so well recieved and we do hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

My Grandad would be most proud to have people reading abook about him as a rabbit. You are wonderful! Please keep supporting and sharing this little book, your love always matters to us. If you haven’t already downloaded, get your free eBook today from www.smashwords.com/books/view/528564

And please do donate, if you can, any amount is wonderful at www.justgiving.com/oscar-rabbit

A very warm thank you from all at Petite LIbrary!

Oscar Rabbit; Let’s Raise Money !

Oscar_Rabbit_Charity_eBOOKPetite Library has a very special EASTER SURPRISE! And his name is Oscar rabbit. He is a wonderfully cheerful little rabbit and he’s here to raise money for a very important charity: The Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

This magical Easter story was written for my Grandad, Oscar, who died 3 years. We’re offering this wonderful Easter book for FREE in the hope that if you do enjoy reading you will make a donation (no matter how small) to The Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

This lovely new eBook tells the story of a very cheerful rabbit, named Oscar. On one very regular day something extraordinary happens and it all starts when the postman delivers a letter.

This sweet and light hearted tale will capture your child’s imagination; with it’s incredibly detailed and vibrant illustrations which convey all the wonders of spring.

All donations make a difference no matter how petite, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts at Petite Library.



Clean Mouse Says “WOW!”

A big warm and mousey hello to everyone!

Clean Little Mouse Says WOW

WOW what an amazing response to the release of our newest Petite Library eBook! Number 8 in the Amazon Kindle Children’s Short Stories Chart, so wonderful! Thank you everyone who has downloaded and reviewed the book, such tremendous support! If you haven’t read the book yet download here for free.

Early today we spoke with The Clean Little Mouse to get her reaction to the wonderful welcome of her new story;

“I’m just so excited and overwhelmed really, squeak squeak, by all the lovely things the readers have been writing. I still can’t believe people are reading my story all over the world. My gosh, squeak squeak, I’m just so happy. Scuz and I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has purchased the book, and to wish you all a very happy read!”


Our New Children’s Book- A Free eBook for Kids

The Clean Little MouseA warm HELLO to you all !
Clean Little Mouse is finally here, and we’d like to share it with as many children and mums and dads as possible! So it’s our special gift to you Download HERE for FREE !

The Clean Little Mouse is a sweet, children’s picture book with a phonics rich text and beautifully hand draw illustrations. It tells the story of a little clean mouse and a scruffy rat who fall in love despite their differences. This heartwarming short story uses simple rhymes to remind us that we love who we love no matter their appearance.

This is a perfect bedtime story for children 4 years +, and also a wonderful to read along with your children or in a teaching environment. Please take a look at our ACTIVITY BOOK section for Clean Little Mouse follow up activities and colouring sheets!

Enjoy your free copy of The Clean Little Mouse, read and share  !