Hello to Clean Little Mouse!

Amazon_CoverHello ! I am the Clean Little Mouse, nice to meet you! This is my lovely new book !I hope you all enjoy it.

It’s a little story written with a great deal of love and care. It’s all about me and how very squeaky clean I am! It’s also about a Scruffy Little Rat , named Scuz, he’s very not clean, but I’m sure you’ll like him very much too. Please feel free to download the Ebook. Read & Share (: Download eBook here!

The Clean Little Mouse is a short rhyming story that uses simple sentences and repetition to engage with young readers. Each picture has fun labels which the parent and child can read and explore together,which adds to the reading experience.

As parents will know,  short stories with rhyme are always very effective at captivating a child’s attention. So this particular style of book is great at encouraging speech development; younger children can repeat the sentences as they read along with the mums and dads.

Parents and kindergarten/ preschool teachers are always looking for new ways to keep children engaged at story time, in my experience rhymes and alliteration work incredibly well for all children, particularly toddlers.

On a final note, please have a look at our activity books section,  for  FREE colouring and activity sheets… another great way to keep children interested in the whole reading experience!