Billy Bop Boo Says “NO!” to bullying!

BillyBOPboo_CoverThis is Billy Bop Boo. He is from the planet Woo! Poor little Billy Bop Boo is searching for a little friend, can he find a playmate on planet Earth?

Petite Library’s new charity book is here! We give you a heart warming short story full of emotion and spirit, matched by vivid and soulful illustrations that make for a delightful picture book.
This book is also extra special as it was written for Kidscape Anti-Bullying Charity; a truly wonderful charity which helps to train and education people on the topic of childhood bullying.

We believe no child should ever feel alone; no matter your race, beliefs, interests or appearance we are all people, people to be loved. Everyone should have a special little friend and so I give you Billy Bop Boo. Download Billy Bop Boo from Amazon today! Happy reading lovely readers!