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Welcome to Petite Library’s Book Making Workshops!

We all know books are wonderful for learning, but we also think making books can be a very useful way to get children excited about reading and writing. You don’t have to be the no.1 crafter or have boxes of craft supplies… We say let’s keep it simple and fun!

Mother’s day is just around the corner and I’m sure you’ll want to give mama something extra special. And, I don’t know about you but I love it when children make their own gifts, it gives an extra smile knowing they’ve loving prepared a surprise just for you!

This very simple ‘Gift Book’ is a guaranteed mum smiler, with lots of hidden pockets and opportunities for kids to make their own mark. It takes about 30 mins for a children to make (5 year old tested it yesterday) and costs pennies to make, using things you probably have in already!

Take a look at out past workshops, you might just love them!

‘Beach Book’! This goregously cute and ridiculously simple book is wonderful and interactive, enjoy!

The last two weeks we have been exploring the topic ‘My Body’. Have a look at these two super simple, very adorable book workshops!

This week we make a very sweet ‘Feelings’ book, a great way fir your child to express how they feel on a daily basis.

Have a go at this very cool ‘Pirate book’ with lots of hidden treasure, maps and a treasure checklist!

For all your princess (and princes of course) this super pretty ‘Princess Book’ is packed with princessy delights, watch and see…

Our very first Workshop we make a ‘Garden Book’ lovely for spring crafting with little ones, and super simple, a blindfolded mouse, standing on their head could make it!

Happy book making! And don’t forget to subscribe to Petite Library’s YouTube Channel, so you never miss a workshop!

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