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Petit Arts Studio

Welcome to Petit Art Studio, the premier art haven for your creative kiddos nestled in the heart of Altadena, CA. Here, we believe that everyone is born with an innate ability to create, and our mission is to nurture that creative spark in every child, from preschoolers to teenagers.

We understand that your children are not just ordinary kids—they are painters, sculptors, illustrators, and innovators. And that's why we've carefully crafted a wide array of engaging art classes that cater to all age groups and abilities, aiming to inspire your budding artist's unique imagination while fostering artistic skills.

In our Petit Art Studio, we celebrate creativity and diversity. We encourage every child to explore their artistic potential in a safe, supportive, and fun-filled environment, under the guidance of experienced, passionate art educators.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainable artistry. Alongside traditional art materials, we integrate a variety of recycled and creatively repurposed materials into our projects. This not only teaches children about the importance of environmental responsibility but also encourages them to think outside the box, proving that art can be created from just about anything!

From learning the basics of drawing to mastering the techniques of mixed-media crafts, your child will gain a comprehensive understanding of art forms while developing their fine motor skills, critical thinking, and self-confidence.

Petite Art Studio prides itself in offering a truly enriching experience. Here, children not only learn to create beautiful art but also appreciate the process of creating, encouraging them to see the world in a new, more vibrant light.

Join us at Petite Art Studio, where art, imagination, and sustainability merge into an unforgettable creative journey. Let your child's imagination soar!

Meet our teachers

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