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Please select the week(s) that you want to enroll in. Sibling discount is 15%  off.  There is a 10% discount if you register for more than 4 weeks! 

Weekly Full-Day Camp Rate: 

8 am to 5 pm $475 (averages $10 per hour)

Includes all materials (breakdown is below)

-$25 for arts, crafts, teacher printouts, etc.

-$30 lunches

-$25 snacks and activities (physical education, theater, etc.). 


Weekly Half-Day Camp Rate:

8 am to 12 pm OR 1-5 pm $275 ($13 per hour) 

Including all materials (breakdown is below)

-$15 arts, crafts, teacher printouts, etc.

-$20 snacks and activities


Field Trip French Friday Rate:

8am to 3pm $135 (averages $16 per hour)

Including snacks & lunch ($15) & any admission fees (Varied)

Drop-in rates are Per Day:

Full day $150, *Half day $80

*Not available for Field Trip Fridays. 

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