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Le Weekend

Grades K- 2, Tuesdays, 9-10 am

Students will engage in creative play and storytelling through the use of improvisations and theater games. They will be encouraged to observe the world around them to create pretend scenarios mirroring their environment. Throughout these processes, students will exercise their imagination while developing language, social and emotional learning.



Grades 3-5, Tuesdays, 10-11 am

Students will engage in working collaboratively while developing storytelling skills such as learning to embody a character’s traits and represent a character’s emotions through improvisation. They will be introduced to journaling as a mode of self-exploration. They will learn to understand the basic structure of a story while exploring character and dialogue as they develop vocal and physical skills, culminating in a performance. 



Grades 6-8, Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30 pm

Within the context of improvisation, theater games, journaling, scene studies and playwriting, students will work on developing a self identity with which they feel comfortable. They will learn how to apply theater techniques to create believable characters and be introduced to the structure of a well developeplot. Students will acquire observational and analytical skills while being introduced to character analysis. Through an introduction to playwriting, they will share their theater journey, leading up to a performance. 



High School, Tuesdays, 6-7 pm

Students will be given the opportunity to use theater classes as an outlet for self expression, social interaction and a tool to explore and refine their self-identity. and personal meaning. Through the use of improvisations, scene studies and journaling, students will explore a character’s wants, needs and objectives while applying their skills and knowledge in progressively complex work. As an ultimate goal, they will team up with their classmates to write a play culminating in a performance.



  • Warm-Up Exercises ( 5 minutes)

  • Voice Exercises ( 10 minutes) 

  • Theater Games   ( 15 minutes)

  • Improvisation Exercises ( 15 minutes)

  • World History of Theater ( 10 minutes)

  • Work on Scripted Play (20 minutes)

  • Relaxation Exercises ( 5 minutes) 

  • Journaling ( 10 minutes) 

Petite Library Students: 10%, Sibling 15% additional discounts

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