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Le Weekend



La Petite Library is thrilled to bring DRAMA to the teaching of French as a second language within the frame of our full immersion program, provided by native French speakers, actors, and educators. For non-French speakers, La Petite Library is also offering the program in English.


 Drama offers language learners an educational and recreational environment where they have the freedom to use their boundless imagination while learning. The use of improvisation, singing, theater games, and scripted plays will provide a pedagogic setting where our students will take on roles outside of themselves allowing them to experiment unconsciously with language, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, and body movement in ways they have not experienced before.


According to recent studies, students participating in drama programs are more eloquent and elaborate in their storytelling. They also demonstrate better verbal skills compared with other children. 


Through the teaching of performing arts, our goal is to help our enthusiastic thespians to develop and improve their decoding skills, fluency, discourse, and analytical skills whether choosing the French or English speaking options.


Elementary school children are often more receptive to a creative learning environment,  especially drama since it requires tremendous use of fantasy and exploration. By exposing our students to the world of theater, culminating in highly motivating group performances, we also hope to provide them with an opportunity to express their ideas and feelings while developing their social skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, and diversity.




- Language and Communication skills

- Problem-Solving Skills 

- Creativity

- Positive Self-Concept

- Social Awareness

- Empathy

- Team Building Skills

- Awareness and Respect for Multiculturalism 

- An understanding of the Art of Theater




Children learn and remember by SEEING, HEARING and DOING. Through the Performing Arts, students will conquest their fears and inhibitions but most importantly, they improve their self-confidence…and it’s a lot of FUN!!!!




- Warm-Up Exercises ( 5 minutes)

- Voice Exercises/Singing  ( 10 minutes) 

- Theater Games   ( 15 minutes)

- Improvisation Exercises ( 15 minutes)

- World History of Theater ( 10 minutes)

- Work on Scripted Play (20 minutes)

- Relaxation Exercises ( 5 minutes) 

- Journaling ( 10 minutes)

Directed by Marie  Laurin & Morganne Picard


T/TH        4:30-6:00pm, $240

Sat & Sun 1-3 pm, $320


M/W         4:30-6:00pm, $240

Sat & Sun 3-5 pm, $320

Petite Library Students: 15%, Sibling 15% additional discounts

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