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Our Mission 

Our ultimate goal is to foster a love of language and culture that remains with our students throughout their lives. The immersive TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) learning programs that we offer help to strengthen knowledge while simultaneously teaching about the beauty that exists in the many different communities across the globe.

Our Ethos

Language connects people worldwide. This allows us to understand and form relationships with those in other countries that have their own unique way of life. We aspire to encourage students to gain a better understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of those living in their communities and abroad. Moreover, we aim to show the exciting possibilities that acquiring a foreign language offers.

Our programs

The TPRS programs offered by the Petite Library Language & Culture Immersion Center are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, skill, or aptitude. We’re committed to providing a fun and stimulating environment that promotes learning and respect for other languages and cultures. Also, our small class sizes ensure that every student gets the support they need to develop their language proficiency.

Our Teachers  

We hire highly qualified and motivated foreign-language speakers with diverse backgrounds to lead our classes.  Many are fully licensed with various years of teaching behind them and those not credentialed have many years of experience working with children, being creative, and leading students effectively in this environment.

“A language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language.”

- Noam Chomsky

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