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French Camp
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Daily camp schedules, instruction is all in French.

08:00-08:30 am 

08:30-09:00 am  

09:00-09:30 am  

09:30-10:00 am   

10:00-10:30  am  

10:30-11:00  am  

11:00-12:00  pm   

12:00-01:00 pm   

01:00-01:30 pm    

01:30-02:00 pm  

02:00-02:30 pm  

02:30-03:00 pm  

03:00-03:30 am  

03:30-04:00 pm  

04:00-05:00 pm  

Greeting & Breakfast with a teacher

Sharing "good things"

Story time- Read Aloud

Worksheet of the day- various literature activities 

Snacks & Bathroom break

Various game activities

Art & Crafts class

Lunch & Break

Indoor or Outdoor physical activities 

Storytime- Read Aloud

Math & Science experiments

Snacks & bathroom break

Various game activities

Dance & Music class

Theater/Drama class

Snacks: toast with Nutella or jam with seasonal fruits

For full-time students

12-1pm: Lunch time-Bagel salmon & cream cheese, Hamburger, Hotdog, Pizza, Grilled cheese & hams sandwich, Pasta 

1-2pm: indoor physical activities

Please take note that our class schedules and menu items are subject to changes, depending on the situation without notice.

Siblings discount 15%

Petite Library After school student discount 15%

Please email me for the discounted invoice.

The camp will be canceled if we don't have at least six students.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for joining us!

Privat Reading


Week  May 20-24 


Week  May 27-31

Farm/La ferme

Week  June 3-7 

Summer Vacation/Les vacances d'été

Week  June 10-14

Safari/Biology - Le safari/La biologie

Week  June 17-21

Insects/Fruits & Vegetables - Les insectes/Fruits et Légumes

Week  June 24-28

Dinosaurs/Nature - Dinosaures/Nature

Week  July 1-3

Camping/Forest animals - Le camping/Animaux de la forêt

Week  July 8-12

Space/Under the ocean - L' espace/Sous L'océan

Week  July 15-19

Cinema/Theater - Le cinéma/Théâtre 


Week  July 22-26

Pirates/Travels - Les pirates/Les voyages

Week  July 29-Aug 2

Medieval Castle/Cuisine - Château médiéval/Cuisine


Week  July 29-Aug 2

Medieval Castle/Cuisine - Château médiéval/Cuisine

Week  Aug 5-9

Detectives/World Explorers - Les détectives/Explorateurs du monde

Week  Aug 12-16

Back to school/Friendship - Rentrée scolaire/Amitié

Week Aug 19-23

Planets - Planètes

Week Aug 26-30 

Vegetable Garden - Le Potager

Week Sept 2-6

Autumn - Automne

Kids Art Class Flyer 2024 (2).png

Junior Sketchers' Workshop

Dive into the World of Drawing and Sketching! 

Age Group:  

  • 5 to 12 years Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays

Course Highlights:

  • Drawing Foundations: Grasp the essential techniques — from basic shapes to shading and beyond.

  • Material Exploration: Experiment with various drawing tools, charcoal, pencils, colors, and more.

  • Technique Tutorials: Weekly focuses on different styles and techniques, ensuring a broad skill set.

  • Theme-Based Sessions: From still life to imaginative sketches, explore a wide range of drawing subjects.

  • Personal Projects: Dedicate time to individual drawing projects, allowing for personal expression and creativity.

What Awaits You:

  • A supportive environment fostering both structured learning and creative freedom.

  • Exploration of diverse drawing styles, from realism to abstraction and everything in between.

  • Peer reviews and group discussions, helping kids appreciate different perspectives and improve their own techniques.



Age Group:  

  • 5 to 12 years Tuesdays/Thursdays​

Course Highlights:

Within the context of improvisation, theater games, journaling, scene studies, and playwriting, students will work on developing a self-identity with which they feel comfortable. They will learn how to apply theater techniques to create believable characters and be introduced to the structure of a well-developed plot. Students will acquire observational and analytical skills while being introduced to character analysis. Through an introduction to playwriting, they will share their theater journey, leading up to a performance. Students will also learn the basics of filmmaking.   


  • Warm-Up Exercises ( 5 minutes)

  • Voice Exercises ( 10 minutes) 

  • Theater Games   ( 15 minutes)

  • Improvisation Exercises ( 15 minutes)

  • Relaxation Exercises ( 5 minutes) 

  • Journaling ( 10 minutes) 

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