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"Embrace Victory: Your Journey, Your Success
– Join us in Finishing Strong School in 2024!
for Kindergartners to 5th graders
hours 3-5:30pm
Monday through Friday programs
Mondays & Wednesdays program
Tuesdays & Thursdays programs
Fridays French Theater programs 

<Programs Schedules>
3-4pm Homework & school project help
4-5pm Arts & Languages class

Monday: Arts class

Tuesdays: Spanish class
Wednesdays: French class
Thursdays: French class
Fridays: French Theater class 
for 6th - 8th graders
hours 6-8 pm
Monday through Friday 6 - 8 pm
Mondays & Wednesdays programs
Tuesdays & Thursdays programs
Fridays programs

<Programs Schedules>
6-7 pm Homework & school project help
7-8 pm Arts & Languages class

Monday: Arts class
Tuesdays: Arts class
Wednesdays: Spanish class
Thursdays: French class
Fridays: Theater class 
Programs closed days
Jan. 2024 
  • January 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Feb. 2024
  • February 12 - Lincoln’s Birthday

  • February 19 - Presidents Day

March 2024
  • March 29 - Cesar Chavez Day
April 2024
May 2024
  • May 27 - Memorial Day
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Thanks for joining us!

French Camp

After school programs

Discover the Excellence of Our Petite Library After-School Programs:
  • Optimal Teacher-Student Ratio: Enjoy personalized attention with an average ratio of 1 teacher to 8 students.

  • Qualified Educators: Our highly qualified teaching staffs, each holding a minimum of a master's degree.

  • Immersive Language Learning: Our native teachers communicate exclusively in target languages.

  • Academic Excellence: A Core Focus on completion on homework & school projects

  • Enrichment Opportunities: Beyond homework support, our programs offer enrichment opportunities that go beyond the standard curriculum, such as French/Spanish, arts, & theater

  • Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of your family's schedule. Our flexible scheduling options allow you to choose the days and times that best fit your needs.

Yes, you can receive top-notch education in Altadena.

Privat Reading
Theater Camp
Art & Theater Camp
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